Friday, 7 November 2008

Clannad ~After Story~ - Episode 6

After not really getting too absorbed by the start of Misae's arc in Clannad ~After Story~, I wasn't particularly expecting to get drawn into this episode. However, Clannad does have this funny habit of pulling you into even its oddest and least compelling story lines somehow, and episode six somehow managed to do just that.

Of course, the entire focus is on Misae and Shima Katsuki, as told through a dream of Tomoya's. Even though where this whole story would end up was made obvious pretty early on, it somehow still managed to be quite enigmatic in the way it revealed itself to the viewer, blending some relatively humorous moments with much more emotional fare, and of course giving us a big, fat "Ahhhhhhhh...." ending as they all live happily ever after, be they female or feline.

So, even after feeling disappointed from watching episode five, After Story has managed to win me over once again. Although I can't really rouse the excitement to gush over this particular story arc it left me with enough of a smile and a warm, fuzzy feeling for me to feel that it did its job pretty solidly in the end, while also making my eyes a little damp at the requisite moments (although not quite reaching the depths of sobbing that the end of Clannad's Fuuko arc brought me). There really isn't much more I can ask for of the series (although I still prefer it when it takes a comedic turn in all honesty), so once again it's managed to deliver pretty well here.

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