Sunday, 10 February 2008

True Tears - Episode 6

It's Sunday, which can mean only one thing - An opportunity to gush over the latest instalment of True Tears. It's really gotten to the point where there isn't a lot more for me to say about this series that hasn't already been said - The animation remains pristine, the characterisations beautifully realised, and the whole show is so emotionally involving that at times its hard to remember to do other important things. Like breathe.

As you might expect as we hit mid-series, episode six sees everything taking a darker turn, with almost every major relationship seem so far crumbling in one way or another, some of them quite spectacularly. If you thought you could predict how things were going to turn out before the start of this week's showing, you'll probably want to scrap all of those ideas and start again from scratch, such is the way that things are turned on their head. In some shows this might seem over the top and rather contrived, but yet again True Tears has its finger well and truly on the emotional pulse, pulling you along sensationally to share in the various goings-on with the main players in this drama.

There really isn't anything much left for me to say about True Tears except - I love it. It seems that every week this show climbs higher up my list of all-time favourite anime, and if it keeps up this quality throughout its second half then it could easily make my top three. It's near-perfection within its genre.


Martin said...

The more True Tears I watch, the more I grow to like it. Best show of the season IMO.

The only sticking point I might have is that revelation Hiromi gives at the end of the episode - it ably explains the old cut-up photo and why Shinichiro's mum is being such a bitch towards her but seems a bit of an unsubtle shock tactic by the standards of the series so far. I just hope it won't go into Eastenders-style melodrama, because that would be REALLY disappointing.

That aside, this show hardly puts a foot wrong. Great stuff.

Hanners said...

Indeed, I hope things don't drift too far away from the current relationship-centric focus of the story. Having said that, I actually felt that particular revelation was an excellently timed and suitably shocking one, especially given that it begs the question - is it even true?