Sunday, 20 July 2008

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 - Episode 15

Episode fourteen of Code Geass R2 took us in a rather surprising direction (to my mind at least), directly to V.V. and the Emperor, which was the kind of thing I was expecting would be reserved until the end of the series. But, here we are, with Lelouch and his nemesis face-to-face - so what happens next?

Actually, that's a pretty good question. What the Hell just happened? Finding out that Charles has traded his Geass for immortality wasn't too much of a surprise, and neither was Lelouch's convenient deus ex machina to use Geass on him without endangering himself, but what followed all of that was... well, trippy. Man. For the rest of the episode we were treated to not far short of psychedelia, with Lelouch getting a trip through C.C.'s thoughts to find out both her origins and her one true wish. While also this is going on, Nina's research comes to fruition, and a whole bunch of other major characters face up to various truths about both themselves and others. Again, this all feels like real end of season stuff, so goodness knows what will happen next, even without C.C.'s "Who are you?" ending to throw a cliffhanger into the works. A little bit of my heart broke when I realise she may not even remember how pizza tastes...

So much seemed to happen in this particular episode that I almost feel like I've missed an instalment of Code Geass somewhere, as I found myself finding it hard to keep up with the plot at times. This was the kind of instalment that makes me wonder if I shouldn't be making lengthy flow-charts to keep up with the various factions, inter-relationships and so on, while also making me think that I'm perhaps not as much of a die-hard fan of the show as I led myself to believe - Surely I should be able to understand all of this stuff?

Anyway, after compartmentalising my confusion somewhat, this was another episode jam-packed to the rafters with revelations and revolutions, which at the end of the day is what Code Geass is all about. Even when it's having a bit of a Matrix Reloaded moment full of lengthy dialogue about lies, truth, life and death it still manages to be entertaining (unlike, funnily enough, The Matrix Reloaded), and there are so many "What happens next?" moments that I couldn't possibly want anything but for episode sixteen to come along as quickly as possible. And please, bring back C.C's memory of pizza, for the love of God!

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