Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season - Episode 9

After so many episodes of misunderstandings and our main pair of characters drifting apart, Sawako has finally decided to take action.... "and about time too!", I hear the legions of Kimi ni Todokefans shouting at the top of their voices.

So, we finally reach what looks set to be crunch time for Kuronuma and Kazehaya - just the two of them and an empty classroom, what can possibly go wrong?  Well, Sawako not even being brave enough to fully open the door and step inside isn't the most promising of starts, but soon enough conversation is engaged and a shaking Sawako comes out with everything; a full-blown and unmistakeable confession of love, which Kazehaya has clearly understood and comprehended as he pulls a by-now blubbing Sawako into the classroom for a hug.  Awwwww...

Of course, things can never be that simple - while Yano and Yoshida manage to keep Pin from tracking down Kuronuma, they can't prevent Joe from barging into the classroom to find Kazehaya, in turn sending Sawako running and Kazehaya missing another opportunity to explain his own feelings in return.  Still, as the rest of the episode progresses Sawako receives some wise words from Pin of all people (who seems to be making a habit of such things), calming her down at just the right time as Kazehaya finally seems to have comprehended what he needs to do to end any confusion once and for all.  Do we dare genuinely believe that these two will actually end up dating?

Contrived though its interruption of the big classroom confession may have been, this was a sweet episode that also managed to blend enough decent comedy into its innards to ensure that it wasn't simply a saccharine slush-fest, giving it some much needed rounding out.  Yet another potential misunderstanding between Sawako and Kazehaya strikes fear into my heart, but at least on this occasion it doesn't feel like one that will be overly elongated or played upon too heavily at all - a real relief with just three episodes to go because let's face it, we all want this pairing to get together properly before the series is out.

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