Thursday, 3 March 2011

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season - Episode 8

Although last week's episode seemed to be bringing both Sawako and Shouta's realisation that there might just have been a bit of a misunderstanding between them closer towards the light, there's still an undoubted gulf between them as episode eight kicks off.

While Kazehaya still seems convinced that he thought too much of himself and Kuronuma still hasn't completely got a grip on her feelings at all, there's little time to spare to ponder such thoughts as the school's culture festival looms large, taking us into a good old-fashioned montage (featuring the show's really quite wonderful opening theme) as the days count down and the hard work ramps up, with Chizu's birthday sandwiched somewhere in the middle of it all.

Eventually, the big day arrives of course, and Sawako's black magic cafe seems to be doing a roaring trade in jealous, bitchy girls preoccupied with their various love rivalries, leaving Sawako herself in the rather odd position of counselling said girls in how best to go about their romantic business; something she seems to be rather good at truth be told.  Still, although these discussions with her "clients" perhaps help to grease the wheels of her mind, it's Ken (again) who sees fit to stick his oar in with a rather rambling monologue which as per usual makes it hard to determine who (if anybody's) side he's actually on.  Still, for all of that rambling he does point out one very important thing - that it's Sawako who has built up a wall between herself and Kazehaya, deliberately or otherwise; a fact that finally seeps into her brain and leads her to a very determined and un-Sawako-esque conclusion.  Is there really a love confession on the horizon?

Of course, that question is one we'll have to leave until next week's episode as it teases us once again with a cliff-hanger - something that Kimi ni Todoke really seems to be revelling in doing this season.  Not that I'm complaining, as once again this was an enjoyable episode - absolutely beautifully animated at times, and effortlessly entertaining even though this particular instalment wasn't packed to the rafters with drama or comedy, rather allowing itself to just drift along under its own steam.  Of course, if we're honest it's that closing scene is what lifts this episode up from the average into something entirely more important, but now I shall have to simply take a deep breath and being another week's wait to find out what ridiculous misunderstandings will emerge from Sawako and Kazehaya's latest conversation... assuming they actually get as far as speaking to one another, that is.

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