Monday, 24 January 2011

Level E - Episode 3

We all have bad days from time to time, but even our concept of a rough afternoon rarely involves a dead alien stuffed in a trash can in your living room.  Welcome to Yukitaka's world come the end of Level E's previous episode...

As if that doesn't sound bad enough, it soon becomes clear that this Disckonian being isn't actually dead at all, but rather playing dead, and once he lets that particular cat out of the bag it's no time at all before the entire Disckonian race are threatening all out war unless they are offered up the head of the person responsible on a proverbial platter.  Of course, our blonde-haired Prince's Dogurian babysitters (for want of a better word) aren't going to give away this important member of their planet's royal family just like that, particularly with such an important universal peace conference about to begin, and so they set about looking for an alternative plan.

Eventually though, time runs out and Yukitaka's apartment is soon over-run with disgruntled Disckonians - but have the Dogurian's had enough time to find out their new-found enemy's weakness?  Well, kind of, if by "weakness" you mean that the whole thing was a set up by the Prince from the very start in an effort to test his subject's loyalty... and of course have a good laugh along the way.  So, any prospects of intergalactic war is prevented, replaced instead by a rush to have Yukitaka sign his autograph for the baseball-mad Disckonians, and three months later peace has returned to his life.  Let's just hope he made the most of those three months, as it ain't gonna last...

Although the first half of this episode wasn't particularly sharp in terms of its humour, this was more than made up for by the second half, which turned the whole scenario of the series so far on his head in hilarious fashion - I can't help but appreciate the way this instalment just grins, shrugs its shoulders and then throws away three entire episodes of anime for the sake of one gag, and to be honest it was well worth it because it was a slither of utter genius.  Of course, this isn't a trick which Level E can really repeat again, but who cares?  Come the end of this first story arc I'm well and truly sold on this anime equivalent of Men in Black - I just hope the next story arc can keep things fresh and cobble together some more bizarre adventures to keep the show running on the high note it managed to hit at the tail end of this week's outing.

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