Monday, 24 January 2011

Dragon Crisis! - Episode 3 (Dropped)

An evil black dragon has kidnapped our cute and friendly red dragon Rose - this is like some kind of... Dragon Crisis!  Ahem.

Anyhow, with Onyx having captured Rose as he plans to make her his bride (for reasons we soon learn, that being that it will grant him more power), how will Ryuuji and Eriko react?  While the latter is all set to go off in hot pursuit and attempt to rescue Rose, Ryuuji is far less certain of this idea, still convinced that he is that Rose didn't really care about him all that much and that she was simply clinging to him because he was the first thing she saw when she hatched.  However, miraculously (read: conveniently for the plot) he suddenly remembers that Rose actually saved his life when they first met, giving him the resolve required to join the rescue effort.

Of course, Ryuuji on his own is useless (not to mention whiny and irritating), so Eriko provides him with an S-class Lost Precious procured from a room full of the stuff at their current location - a sword made from dragon's teeth and set aside for Ryuuji alone by his parents.  With this powerful weapon in hand, Ryuuji, Eriko and a bunch of armed troops take on Onyx and win, rescuing Rose from his evil clutches.  Hurrah!  Oh, there are some ever-more intense battles and stuff about Ryuuji and Rose being in love too, but to be honest it's all so dreadfully dull that I'm not sure anyone really cares at this juncture.

Really, were it not for some nice animation touches (offset by cheating in the form of using telepathy to save on animation frames) here and there, you could probably make up an episode of Dragon Crisis simply by copy and pasting bits from other anime series to create a single semi-coherent story - yes, it really is that dull.  The characters are boring, the way the story is presented is boring, and the entire endeavour is so incredibly tedious I can barely find the energy to write about it.  Oh, and there's a beach episode next week!  That, my friends, is the single for to jump from this moving train before it turns into a (even more predictable) train wreck.  It isn't that Dragon Crisis is bad - rather, if it were truly bad I could enjoy poking fun at it.  Instead, it's so mediocre that it threatens to leave me comatose.  You wouldn't want me to fall into a coma now, would you?

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