Sunday, 27 January 2008

Gunslinger Girl - Il Teatrino - Episode 3

After a far from inspiring start to Il Teatrino, I was beginning to fear for the integrity of the Gunslinger Girl franchise. Thank goodness then that episode three has taken the series in a far more positive direction, which felt far more like the show that so many of us cherish.

Sure, the animation remains extremely ropey, and some of the dialogue was admittedly still a little clunky, but at last we started to see signs of what Gunslinger Girl is all about, from the emotional ties and conflicts between the girls and their fratello (with Triela the focus of this entire episode), to the bursts of action when the show requires. Throw in a potentially interesting villain of the piece in the form of Pinocchio (a terrible name for a bad guy I know, but what can you do?), and hopefully now much of the scene setting has been done in those opening two parts of Il Teatrino, we can see something much better emerging - Certainly, the building blocks are now in place for a return to form, so let's just hope the improvement continues into episode four.

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