Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Joshiraku - Episode 12

Joshiraku reaches its penultimate episode in a typically celebratory mood - celebrating not only the new Year but also the opportunity to roll out some of its previous gags again for another run-out.

That aside, the turn of the year sees the group, and more specifically Kukuru, fretting about that all-important first dream of the year - of course, being good friends the others try to lull her to sleep in an ineffectual manner (arguing about what the plural of "sheep" is never helps) before attempting to make her dreams come true in a fashion that could be better described as nightmarish.

Next up, it's off to Roppongi, the home of the wet towel amongst other things - oh, they have quite a few sculptures there too.  Eventually the talk leads to reminiscences of the Japanese economic "bubble", leading to Marii taking a trip to the past of sorts via a washing time machine (hey, if Steins;Gate can do it with a microwave, why not?).  Finally for this episode, attempts to save energy in the heat of summer leaves the air conditioning-less rakugo girls looking (and acting) like ninjas and painting the proverbial town blue in an attempt to cool down, while also name-checking some classic anime characters and pondering which is scarier - ghosts or politicians?

All in all, this makes for a fun episode of Joshiraku - business as usual in other words.  It might not be one of the show's absolute best but it still has more than enough entertainment value to match or beat other anime comedy offerings, and its nods to pop and socio-political culture mixed in with some surreal lunacy always go down pretty well provided you have a vague knowledge of what is being referenced.  With only one episode to go now, hopefully Joshiraku can go out with a bang, preferably the kind of unique one which only this series can deliver.

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