Sunday, 20 May 2012

Space Brothers - Episode 8

There comes a point in some people's lives where "bad luck" doesn't even begin to describe their misfortune - a moment which seems to apply to mutta as he finds himself staring down the nozzle of the infamous fire extinguisher-wielding robber.

However, the next thing we know the normally hapless Mutta is a national hero appearing in front of the masses on American television, as security camera footage shows him finding his way through the thick smoke caused by the extinguisher to tackle and take down the assailant with his trademark "special move" - a well-placed headbutt.  Is this really the story however?  Mutta seems to know better and is all ready to confess the truth of the matter, before catching sight of some lovely ladies in the audience leads him to reconsider, deciding that maybe "going with the moment" is for the best after all.

It seems that even Ozzy, who called Mutta out as the hero in the aftermath of what happened, knows the truth of the event but has decided to gave his buddy a bit of a lucky break - and what a break it is too, with word of Mutta's heroism quickly reaching JAXA.  Needless to say, the director of the facility can spot some good publicity when it lands right in front of him, and barely a word needs to be said before Mutta is shifted up the list and on to the list of qualifiers for the next round of astronaut training.  Fantastic news without a doubt, but Mutta is also beginning to get a taste of the more serious side involved in becoming an astronaut.

Yet again, this was a rather corny and predictable episode of Space Brothersthat managed to get away with being incredibly cheesy simply by fully leveraging Mutta's personality and place within the series - in essence, the guy is so likeable that you can't help yourself but to cheer him on and get wrapped up in his world and situation no matter where it might take us.  The result is thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end, as we watch Mutta stumble from crisis to infamy with a massive slice of good luck which nobody who has been keeping up with this series would begrudge him.  It's a surprisingly basic formula, but boy does Space Brothers continue to be entertaining against the odds.

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